[Album] AAA – AAA 10TH ANNIVERSARY BEST [2015.09.16]


Disc 1
01.BLOOD on FIRE.mp3 10.30 MB
02.ハリケーン・リリ、ボストン・マリ.mp3 14.47 MB
03.Winter lander!!.mp3 9.74 MB
04.Get チュー!.mp3 8.94 MB
05.唇からロマンチカ.mp3 8.60 MB
06.SUNSHINE.mp3 9.03 MB
07.MIRAGE.mp3 7.36 MB
08.MUSIC!!!.mp3 11.54 MB
09.HORIZON.mp3 9.13 MB
10.Break Down.mp3 10.98 MB
11.Heart and Soul.mp3 10.15 MB
12.Believe own way.mp3 11.84 MB

01.逢いたい理由.mp3 10.56 MB
02.負けない心.mp3 10.05 MB
03.PARADISE.mp3 11.42 MB
04.CALL.mp3 9.96 MB
05.Charge & Go!.mp3 14.67 MB
06.Still Love You.mp3 12.32 MB
07.777 ~We can sing a song!~.mp3 11.50 MB
08.虹.mp3 11.39 MB
09.PARTY IT UP.mp3 8.98 MB
10.Love Is In The Air.mp3 10.47 MB
11.恋音と雨空.mp3 12.20 MB
12.Wake up!.mp3 8.63 MB
13.風に薫る夏の記憶.mp3 11.73 MB
14.さよならの前に.mp3 12.38 MB
15.Next Stage.mp3 9.73 MB

01.I’ll be there.mp3 8.04 MB
02.Lil’ Infinity.mp3 12.58 MB
03.ぼくの憂鬱と不機嫌な彼女.mp3 12.38 MB
04.GAME OVER?.mp3 8.51 MB
05.アシタノヒカリ.mp3 8.56 MB
06.Flavor of kiss.mp3 10.32 MB
07.LOVER.mp3 11.13 MB
08.Distance.mp3 8.32 MB
09.STORY.mp3 13.59 MB
10.愛してるのに、愛せない.mp3 11.46 MB

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4 thoughts on “[Album] AAA – AAA 10TH ANNIVERSARY BEST [2015.09.16]

  1. i don’t understand how get out of the “site” to download. this “site” that shortening the links sucks
    when it stop do do countdown supposedly become green like in this picture ( https://jpopsingles.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/how-to-download5a.png ) but and i click and open another tab and I have to do it all over again and so on.
    It doesn’t work at all. Besides that, it opens a lot of tabs with advertising. is annoying and the site to download don’t appear at all

  2. oh God finally a working link for this album! TTT…TTT

    Hello there, dear Admin!
    I’d like to give my deepest gratitude for sharing this file! Thank you very very very much!!! _/l_
    You see, I’m a new fan of AAA and it’s been hella hard to find a working link to download their works it’s stressing me out! So once again MASSIVE thank you!! ^^


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