[Album] BREAKERZ – X

[Album] BREAKERZ - X

File info

Artist & Title: BREAKERZ – X
Artist & Title (Org.): BREAKERZ – X
File Format: aac
Archive: RAR
Bitrate: Variable
Release Date: [2017.10.18

Tracklist & Size

01. here and there.mp3 ~ 11.21 MB
Disc 1
01.GREAT AMBITIOUS (feat.JIRO from GLAY & Toshi Nagai).m4a 8.94 MB
02.RODEO DRIVE (feat.e ZUKA from GRANRODEO).m4a 7.48 MB
03.BLACK SKY (feat.SKY HI).m4a 7.98 MB
04.ゴールデンナイト〜黄金色に抱きしめて〜 (feat.鬼龍院翔 from ゴールデンボンバー).m4a 7.70 MB
05.恋のスーパーエクスプレス (feat.超特急).m4a 8.37 MB
06.Triangle (feat.Trignal).m4a 6.55 MB
07.NEVER ENDING STORY (feat.Nob & Kid’z from MY FIRST STORY).m4a 7.35 MB
08.She Is Devil.m4a 6.71 MB
09.ひらり舞い散る花のように (feat.倉木麻衣).m4a 9.38 MB
10.GOD (feat.Ju ken & ARIMATSU).m4a 7.80 MB

Disc 2
01.幾千の迷宮で 幾千の謎を解いて.m4a 7.73 MB
02.SUMMER PARTY.m4a 8.36 MB
03.世界は踊る.m4a 10.18 MB
04.アオノミライ.m4a 6.45 MB
05.光.m4a 12.10 MB
06.Everlasting Luv.m4a 8.06 MB
07.SUGAR BABY.m4a 7.84 MB
08.Kamisori.m4a 6.38 MB
09.Angelic Smile.m4a 8.34 MB
10.Birdman.m4a 8.42 MB
11.心をつないで.m4a 9.72 MB
12.hEaVeN.m4a 9.50 MB
13.FAKE LOVE.m4a 7.45 MB
15.夢物語.m4a 9.44 MB

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