[Album] For Tracy Hyde – he(r)art

[Album] For Tracy Hyde - he(r)art

File info

Artist & Title: For Tracy Hyde – he(r)art
Artist & Title (Org.): For Tracy Hyde – he(r)art
File Format: aac
Archive: RAR
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Release Date: 2017.11.02

Tracklist & Size

01.Opening Logo (FTH Entertainment).m4a ~ 700.34 KB
02.Theme for ”he(r)art”.m4a ~ 4.76 MB
03.Floor.m4a ~ 7.53 MB
04.Echo Park.m4a ~ 8.18 MB
05.アフターダーク.m4a ~ 10.45 MB
06.Dedication.m4a ~ 6.68 MB
07.Leica Daydream.m4a ~ 6.28 MB
08.指先記憶装置.m4a ~ 2.65 MB
09.Underwater Girl.m4a ~ 6.85 MB
10.Ghost Town Polaroids.m4a ~ 7.06 MB
11.Frozen Beach.m4a ~ 9.21 MB
12.A Day in November.m4a ~ 5.21 MB
13.放物線.m4a ~ 8.21 MB
14.Just for a Night.m4a ~ 12.22 MB
15.Teen Flick.m4a ~ 7.12 MB
16.TOKYO WILL FIND YOU.m4a ~ 4.58 MB
17.Halation.m4a ~ 10.58 MB

Password: jpopsingles
Password: www.jpopsingles.com

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